At the end of the day, selling a pet care business often comes down to one key question: “What’s it worth?”

This is especially important in the time of COVID when business owners are wondering about the pandemic's impact on their business value and salability.

We can provide the answer!

Business value is about much more than some arbitrary multiplier of annual revenue. Determining the fair market value of your business is a sophisticated process and requires industry expertise, valuation training and access to relevant comps (comparable sales). We offer a business valuation for anyone who wants an honest and accurate valuation of a business (including goodwill); whether you’re considering selling or buying.

We have two Valuation Options:

COVID Value Tracker:  

Specifically designed for business owners who are interested to learn the value of their business pre and post COVID.

  • Establishes business value as of 12/31/2019 (pre COVID)
  • A valuation update provided early 2021 establishing business value as of 12/31/2020  (post COVID)
  • Recommendations what to focus on in case loss of value experienced
  • Full report provided - digital report delivery
  • $1499 (includes initial report and follow up in Q1/2021)

Standard Valuation with ValueBuilder:  

Best suited for owners who want to learn the value of their business, how they compare to others in the industry and specific recommendations on how to build value.

  • A precise business value conclusion
  • Financial compilation of your business tax returns and income statements
  • Chart on how your business compares to others in the industry
  • Explanation of how value is calculated
  • 30 minute consultation on the key points to increasing business value
  • Digital report delivery
  • $3499

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Valuations Video

Please watch this video on valuing a business in the pet care industry! Excellent information for sellers and buyers alike!

Watch Here

Whether you are planning to begin the sales process right away, or simply want some input on the financial health of your operations, a valuation will provide the information you need to prepare for a lucrative, successful transition.

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