Selling a business you have built and nurtured involves both financial considerations and emotional hurdles. Is now the right time to make your exit and are you emotionally prepared for a life without the business? If you’re ready to capitalize on the value you’ve built and eager to spend more time with family or move on to the next challenge, we can make that a reality. Financially, we will maximize your sales price and practically, we will take you through the entire sales process successfully.

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What’s involved in selling a pet care business?

Successfully navigating the complexities of selling a business in this industry requires the insight of a skilled and experienced broker. Without it, you may not capture all the value of your business or lose a deal over issues that could be remedied with an expert skilled in deal making.

As a pioneer and leader in dog daycare, boarding kennel and pet resort sales, we skillfully guide you every step of the way:

  • Determine Fair Market Value of your business and the total package (if real estate included)
  • Identify potential buyers - private or corporate
  • Create an exciting, professional “Presentation Package” showcasing your facility
  • Handle marketing in complete confidence from your staff, customers and community
  • Secure financially qualified buyers
  • Negotiate sales contracts
  • Coordinate tours, due diligence, escrow
  • Collaborate with attorneys, CPAs and other professionals involved
  • Resolve issues to ensure a profitable, successful closing

We also help you handle any unexpected issues that arise along with the personal and emotional aspects of the transaction:

  • Protect confidentiality until the sale is completed
  • Provide insight on how to announce the sale to your staff
  • Assist with community relations and PR
  • Consult with you to work through transition issues
  • Get it done right so you can rest assured that the closing process will be a seamless one


Seller Videos

We have compiled a library of educational videos geared toward sellers.  The videos will give you invaluable information and knowledge on the process of selling, how to keep confidentiality, timeframes and answer the most FAQs we get from sellers exploring their options. The better prepared you are, the more successful the sale!

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We make millionaires out of kennel owners!

Please download our extensive e-book with detailed information about our sales process, how we protect confidentiality, timeframes and steps involved. It will give you a clear understanding of what is required and answers the most FAQs we get from sellers.

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National Kennel Benefits

What are the benefits of working with National Kennel Sales & Appraisals?

We are the leading brokerage and M&A firm for the pet care industry. We are experts in the industry and excel at transitioning businesses to new owners. We have decades of experience in the field and have simplified the sales process, thus minimizing your stress and allowing you to stay focused on day-to-day operations. And as a company with strong relationships with top buyers (private and corporate), we ensure that your property gets optimal exposure and receives offers that recognize the full value of your business. Our access to buyers is unparalleled.

We maintain confidentiality throughout the process. Once your business has sold, we help you share the news with your staff and community, and provide assistance to ensure an efficient and effective transition.

Selling your pet care business may be one of the most important decisions you ever make. Proper representation makes the sales process easier for you and ensures that you get the highest obtainable price for your business.

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