Growth Symposium


To provide you with the tools you need to grow and thrive in this highly competitive, disrupted market! Suitable for any size company - no matter what level you are, you will GROW by using the tools you’ll learn!

Burbank, CA in conjunction with Pet Boarding & Daycare Expo

Monday, April 29th 9 AM to 5 PM




You will learn what your business is worth now, what affects value,  and how to reach a desired value for future sales/exit process.

  • Value: You will calculate the current value of your business and learn how to keep it updated
  • KPIs: You will learn how your business matrices compare to others in the industry
  • Create your selling price: You will learn what numbers you need to create your optimal future selling price


You will learn what to focus on to grow revenues, profits and future value.

  • How to aggressively grow revenues without compromising quality of pet care
  • How to thrive in this highly competitive, disrupted, pet care industry
  • How to track the most important KPIs to maximize profitability and business value
  • How to make your business desirable to any type of buyer, private or corporate


You will learn how to thrive in this ever changing environment with app based service providers set on taking market place from brick-and-mortar facilities.

  • What are the threats from the app based competition
  • Where the industry is headed
  • How to compete for, and retain, your market share
  • How to best position yourself to thrive
  • How to access capital for modernization, growth and expansion


Brian Faulk with Live Oak Bank, the leading lender for pet care and veterinary industries, will give insights into funding expansion or remodeling projects or acquisitions of other businesses to expand your market share.   Brian is an expert in SBA financing and you will leave having new knowledge about the accessibility of loans and a resource for future projects.


This hands-on, fast paced Symposium is best suited for business owners who are serious about growing their business and maximizing future value.


The entire Symposium with expert lead topics only $499 (2nd person from the same company: $199).


To maximize your understanding of your own business value, and how to apply the principles presented at the Growth Symposium, National Kennel Sales will prepare your business financials so you can work with your own numbers vs. sample ones.  There is no additional cost for this services and we highly recommend you take advantage of it.  You will receive a notice after registration what documents to submit.  By far, working on your own business will give you the most value of the Symposium.  This is an extra bonus and not a requirement to attend.


100% of survey respondents indicate that the event was worth their time, money and exceeded their expectations!

"We did not even know this information existed. We had so many 'WOW' moments! Our excitement about growing our business is back. And by doing that, we will be challenged and rewarded financially!"

"We learned so much about our financials and where we need to be and why! It was amazing!"

"I attended the Symposium in October 2017 and the direct result has been simple: our revenues are up by 22%. The Symposium gave me much needed focus; prior to that my days went by and I felt that I did nothing else but react to whatever was going on in the operations.  The Symposium changed my entire view of the business and this is from somebody who’s been in this industry for over 20 years and attended countless conferences. I had sold my first kennel several years ago and wish I had known then what I know now – but so grateful that I decided to attend now as the results speak for themselves!  The entire event was top notch from the presenters to the place; I have since joined Laura Laaman’s program and am energized about my business again!  Teija and her team are rockstars! " Peggy Barron, The Wag Resort, Grand Junction CO.

"I attended the symposium with no intention of selling my pet care business. I recognized the importance of planning an exit from the business whether it was 3 months from now or 10 years. We spend decades building our businesses and many are making the decision to sell within a few months. Understanding my options, knowing how to continue to build and monitor the value of my business was important to me.  Teija and her team did not disappoint. This is one of the most valuable industry events I have attended. She provided us a forum of valuable information, networking with peers in an intimate setting and hands on workshops with our own data! The information in this symposium is valuable at any stage of business. Even if you are not considering exiting in the near future you won’t want to miss this!"Joanne Morris, Morris Animal Inn, Morristown NJ

"As owners to a 15+ year successful and growing pet resort business in Central PA, we were a little skeptical about what we could gain from Teija’s Symposium.  We took a last-minute chance and booked our tickets and our lives have transformed immensely for the better as a result of that decision. We were immediately impressed. The first night we enjoyed a cocktail hour with progressive resort owners who were open books in sharing their successes and tricks of the trade. The following morning, 30 minutes into the presentation of materials, we were in awe. Teija and the team of professionals who have joined her opened our minds to a new way of doing business and understanding our current business. The insight, ideas and solutions were sensible, simple and easy to implement and most importantly, provided immediate financial benefit.  We are 6 months post attendance at the Symposium and our business is experiencing exponential financial growth, pets are exponentially benefiting from our new care model and better yet, pet parents are leaving satisfied with a smile and raving about their experiences. This was a perfect education of improvements in care that directly coincide with financial gains that allow us to continue to prosper and have a sellable product to offer the market when we are ready to leave the industry.  Jennifer Felty, Greenlin Pet Resorts, Middletown PA

"I attended the symposium in Dallas last October.It far exceeded my expectations. I was provided with hands on data to help me analyze our revenue, profit margins, and value in the marketplace. We worked with spreadsheets and looked at how specific multipliers effected our value.Now I have some great tools to help me plan moving forward and to become a pet care business that will be the most attractive to a buyer in the future and will gain us the most equitable sale. Thank you to Teija and her team." Marti Michalis, Ruff House Pet Resort, Riverside CA

"I attended Teija's (National Kennel Sales & Appraisal) Symposium last October in Dallas.  I decided to attend because I wanted to grow the success of my pet retreat to a higher level.  I am very happy I attended.  It was a first rate event.  I left with tremendous knowledge, advice, and insight that has impacted the way I do business every day since the Symposium.  I am a better pet retreat owner and operator for having attended.  I can whole-heartily, and without reservation, recommend the Symposium.  Teija and her team bring a level of expertise and knowledge to this industry I have not seen anywhere else.   Her insight is not only from a management perspective, but also from an accounting and financial perspective that is so critical to the long-term success of any pet operation.  In addition, she has always been approachable and willing to help me in my own unique personal circumstances in the operation of my business, which I greatly appreciate.   If you want to be a "leader of the pack" in this industry, getting the expertise from the Symposium is a must!"  Rick Comar, Central Park Pet Retreat, Salt Lake City UT

"I attended a National Kennel Sales Symposium and was inspired.  Teija and her team are professional and experts in their field.  They understand the industry from consumer, facility owner, facility seller, facility buyer and lender.  After attending I confidently purchased a second facility and used her team's expertise in that transaction.  They were invaluable in helping me through that transaction.  The process was smoother than I could have ever imagined because of her team's efficiency and experience.  Teija has also put me in contact with other experts in the industry to help develop all aspects of my business.  I would highly recommend attending the Symposium to anyone looking to improve they way you view your facility.  I came away with changes I knew I needed to make to positively impact my business.  When I am ready to sell there is no one else I would contact than National Kennel Sales. "   Derek Reynolds, Reynolds Dog Resort & Pet Stop Inn, OR