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National Kennel Sales & Appraisals is the exclusive brokerage for the industry focused on buying, selling and appraising pet care facilities. The only firm of its kind, we have more than 25 years of experience and a long track record of helping clients achieve their business, personal and financial objectives. We are big believers in education for sellers and buyer alike! Please see below several ebooks and videos packed full of expert advice and knowledge!


Buying a Pet Care Business

Please download our extensive e-book packed with information on how to purchase a pet care facility! The e-book will answer most of your initial questions, prepare you for the process and give insights into how to work with a professional brokerage.

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Selling your Pet Care Business

Please download our extensive e-book with detailed information our sales process, how we protect confidentiality, timeframes and steps involved. It will give you a clear understanding of what is required and answers the most FAQs we get from sellers.

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Selling your Pet Care Business to a Corporate M&A Buyer

Please download our extensive e-book describing the requirements of a business to qualify for an M&A transaction to a corporate buyer/consolidator and what the steps involved are. This is a ‘must read’ if you’ve been approached by a corporate buyer or are considering starting discussions!

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I'm not sure if I want to buy an existing business, or start my own?

Buying an existing pet care business with a strong track record is far less risky than starting your own. When you buy an existing business, not only do you get an instant paycheck, but you gain immediate client base, market share, goodwill, staff, equipment, zoning and licenses in place, etc. No struggling for a few years, no entering a saturated market, no fighting for zoning and building permits. Another important reason for buying an existing business is the availability of financing. It's considerably more difficult to obtain financing for a start-up and will require a higher downpayment and that you provide collateral (ie. residence or other assets you might have).

What should I look for when reviewing a business for sale?

You should review the financials very carefully and ask the broker (or seller) to justify the asking price. If you are not educated in how to review financial statements or do not know what ratios are typical for this industry, have our firm do a financial analysis and price calculation. The financial analysis is the most important aspect when purchasing an animal care facility; does the business generate enough revenue to provide a decent salary after all expenses have been paid (including the mortgage), have revenues been growing steadily, are the expenses aligned with industry averages, etc. Other issues to consider are: does the philosophy of the business match yours? Is there room for improvement/growth in the business? How well trained is the staff? How important is the seller to the business; will the business survive a transition of ownership? Is the location in full compliance with zoning and licensing requirements? Why has the owner decided to sell? Will the owner sign a Non-Competition Agreement? Is financing available for the purchase?

How hard is it to finance an animal care facility?

Lending market is strong and we have relationships with financial institutions that are eager to finance pet care facility acquisitions. To qualify for financing, both the business and the buyer are analyzed. The business has to generate enough income to cover debt service (after owner compensation), the buyer has to be creditworthy and have relevant experience (business, management, pet industry, etc.) If the business is strong, and the buyer meets the qualifications, a purchase can easily be financed. We have established relationships with several lenders and will assist a buyer through the loan application process. Please click here to read more about financing and what the requirements are.

Why do you require a Non-Disclosure Agreement before I can get details on any of your listings?

Confidentiality is a major concern for most sellers. They do not want news about an impending sale to affect their staff, clients or community. It is also in the buyer's best interest that rumors are not flying prior to them purchasing a facility. Additionally, this industry attracts a lot of "tire kickers" with no intentions or abilities to buy a facility. Our agreement with the sellers requires us to weed out the "shoppers" and only work with legitimate buyers. We also know how much money it takes to get into one our listings and need to make sure that a prospective buyer has the financial resources to purchase the facility they are inquiring about. We have found that serious buyers appreciate our professional approach to the process.

Is this a good time to buy a facility?

Yes! The pet industry is growing strong and if the pet care industry is your passion, it's an excellent time to make an investment!

I want to list my facility with you, is it guaranteed that you will list it?

As much as we'd like to accept every facility that is presented to us, we focus on the ones that we are confident we can successfully secure a buyer for, obtain financing and close the transaction successfully. The main reasons for declining listings are:

  1. Business does not generate enough cash flow to support seller’s asking price
  2. Business is very owner dependent and lacks staffing; ie. the owner IS the business
  3. Business is not in compliance with zoning or licensing
  4. Property has a lot of deferred maintenance
  5. Low revenues, small facility, low occupancy potential
  6. Seller has unrealistic expectations of the value of the business and/or real estate

What is your success rate?

We take pride in our exceptional success rate of 90% of selling our listings. As a reference point, the sales rate of businesses on the market is a meager 10.5% (Source: International Business Broker's Association). We contribute our noteworthy success rate to the fact that we are experts in the pet care industry, know how to position a listing properly, our proprietary, proven strategy in the sales process and to our relationships with both corporate and private buyers of pet care facilities.

What states are you licensed in?

Click here for a list of states in which we can accept a listing in.

You're located in Colorado, how can you sell my pet care facility from a different state?

Most dog boarding kennels, pet resorts or dog daycares are NOT sold to a buyer in your immediate area or even the state. Our record shows that most pet care facilities are sold to an out of state buyer. This is especially true for listings that have real estate (and a residence) included in the sale. A pet care facility will not sell by simply listing it on the regional MLS. Due to our specialty and expertise, serious buyers seeks us out for quality opportunities. Selling a pet care facility is very different than selling a residence, where a local agent is the most appropriate professional.

I've heard that it's very hard to secure financing - Is this true?

Unfortunately, the buyer’s inability to secure financing is one of the top reasons a pet care facility NOT represented by an experienced business broker, doesn't sell. It is imperative the Seller understands how these 'special use' properties are financed and that the business is positioned accordingly on the market. During the valuation process, we analyze the transaction from all angles to determine how a sale can be financed and educate the Seller of their choices. Marriage between a solid business and a solid buyer will secure financing. We have strong relationships with SBA lenders and excel in obtaining financing; as a matter of fact, about 90% of our listings are financed with a bank loan allowing our Sellers to get cash at closing. Please visit our Financing page for more information.

How can I sell my facility without anybody knowing?

Confidentiality is of utmost importance to us. We believe that it's in the seller's best interest to keep a pending sale confidential until closing; this prevents staff from leaving and clients from getting concerned. Through blind advertising, buyer pre-screening and requiring every prospect to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement, we are able to sell your business while maintaining complete confidentiality.

How long does it take to sell my business?

A realistic timeframe for selling a boarding kennel, pet resort or dog daycare from date of listing to closing is about 6-12 months. Some kennels sell faster, some take the whole year. Boarding kennels with defendable pricing structure and financing in place will sell swiftly in any economic environment. Businesses without real estate sell considerably faster than the timeframe indicated.

You're a specialist, do you charge higher commission fees?

Nope! We charge the same fees as other business and commercial real estate brokers and you receive superior service, knowledge and expertise of the industry.

Should I use a broker, or sell the business myself?

Few sellers understand the process of, nor have the expertise, to successfully sell a boarding kennel or dog daycare. A seller might know their business well, but they do not how to sell one. Due to the complexity of the process, it takes specialized training and knowledge in a multitude of areas: business appraising, marketing, advertising, real estate, negotiations, drafting Purchase & Sale Agreements, Due Diligence, dealing with CPAs and attorneys and not to mention facilitating the emotional rollercoaster experienced by Sellers and Buyers. Most FSBO kennels never sell. This sale might be one of the most important financial decisions you'll ever make, a specialty broker is the best professional to ensure that the facility sells at its highest value in a timely manner.