COVID-19 Resource Page for the Pet Care Industry

We are continuing to compile resources for the pet care industry to support facility owners through this crisis. We have separated the resources into the sections below, please click on each section to see the items.  Webinars about how to survive COVID-19 are below, will be updated weekly and they are offered free of charge to the industry. We encourage all business owners to read and learn as much as you can to assist you through the immediate crisis and subsequent recovery. We also strongly encourage you to attend our weekly webinars with guest speakers who will provide free tools and advice. If you are currently not receiving our webinar notices, send a request to to be added to the list.

The Industry Vendor section has information from companies specializing in the pet care industry with specific resources regarding COVID-19. If you have a service or product that is designed to assist business owners in this crisis, and would like to be added, please email

WEBINARS RE: COVID-19 AND THE PET CARE INDUSTRY (will be updated weekly with new content)

COVID-19: Economic Impact on Pet Care Industry

COVID-19: How to Survive, or Even Thrive, in These Uncertain Times

COVID-19: Impact on the Business Selling Market

PPP and EIDL - which government assistance program is best for YOUR business Sales and Leadership Communication in the Face of Uncertainty

Time to Reset: Let's Talk About Revenue Streams


Money Resources (all blue items are 'clickable' direct links)


These are loans (not forgivable) and provide cash for working capital without operational restrictions on how to use them.  These loans are applied directly through the SBA (not a lender). Basic terms are 3.75% interest, up to $2 million, amortized over 30 years, deferred payments for up to a year, NO forgiveness, $10,000 emergency funding provided within 3 days that does not require repayment (ie. 'grant'). The funds can be used for any operational expenses; payroll, advertising, rent, utilities, supplies, interest, etc.


This program is part of the CARES Act and provides possible forgiveness of payroll cost, rent, utilities, and interest.  These loans are applied via an SBA approved lender, and the most efficient, fastest way is to deal with your local SBA lender (loan terms do not change from lender to lender, they are set by the government).


The application process is very easy and 'low doc' (application link below). We advise you to carefully understand the 'forgiveness' portion of this loan so you don't end up with a large payable loan later on.  Under Industry Vendor Resources below you can find information for Romero Consulting who can do an analysis for your business whether this program is suitable and how much you can expect to be 'forgiven' and how staff you should bring back if already laid off.  The unforgiven portion of the loan is charged 0.5% interest with deferred payments for 6 months after which it's payable within 18 months. No personal guaranty, no collateral, no fees.

Below you will find two charts on how these two loan products (EIDL and PP) compare.

Confused by these two loans?  Click HERE for two great charts by attorney firms comparing these two products.

Click here for a well-written summary of the two programs by Sherman Howard law firm; expands on the charts and easy to read.

U.S. Chamber of Commerce COVID-19 Small Business Guide

U.S. Chamber of Commerce Nationwide Town Hall for Business Owner Video Recording

U.S. Chamber of Commerce Toolkit

Your local Chamber of Commerce might have information on local / state grants and assistance, you can find your local Chamber here.


Industry Vendor Resources

Outstanding Pet Care is all about revenue generation. Their proven system guarantees continuously growing revenues and available to support your business to climb out of the COVID-19 induced shut down quickly.  Their team of professional advisors and coaches, experts in this industry, are ready to assist you to survive and eventually thrive, through this turbulent crisis.  Once businesses open up again, there is a strong likelihood that customers in your market will re-evaluate which facility to use, so having a plan that you start working on now is imperative to not lose clients, but gain more.

Romero Consulting is available to assist with the two most important aspects of your survival right now:  creating a cash flow analysis thorough 2020 so you can learn what your working capital needs are and analyzing if, and what level, you should apply for the PPP program to ensure that you don't get stuck with high debt after this crisis. Jake Romero can also advise you at what level, and when, to re-hire staff. CLICK HERE for the FREE Cash Flow Analysis Tool offered by Romero Consulting.  For additional assistance and to contact Jake, please email:

National Kennel Sales: If you had considered selling prior to this crisis, or now would rather not deal with the aftermath, email Teija directly at to discuss exiting / selling options.