Owning and successfully operating a pet care facility is very challenging but also highly rewarding -- both personally and financially. If you have considered the aspects of being a business owner in this ever growing industry, our skilled and experienced team is eager to assist you with your acquisition.

How do we help you purchase a pet care business?

Buying a pet care facility, dog daycare, boarding kennel or pet resort is a complex transaction and one where a licensed broker’s guidance is critical. Our end-to-end services to buyers include:

  • Provide a comprehensive presentation packet on suitable properties and businesses
  • Deliver and explain easy-to-understand business financials to qualified buyers
  • Perform a detailed financial analysis whether a particular business fits your economic needs
  • Negotiate purchase contracts
  • Secure a lender and prepare loan applications – we are experts at SBA financing with strong relationships with the largest SBA lenders in the country
  • Facilitate the due diligence process and resolve issues
  • Assist with accounts, licenses, insurance, etc. required to operate a pet care business
  • Bring the transaction to a successful close
  • Stay involved post-closing with any issues
The purchase process involves a significant amount of time and effort, but for buyers who are serious about owning a business, we make it as painless as possible.


Buyer Videos

We have compiled a library of educational videos geared toward buyers of Pet Care Facilities. The videos will give you excellent information on how to choose the right business, what risk factors and pitfalls to avoid, what the process is, financing and how to work with a professional brokerage. Whether you’re in the very early stages of ‘just looking’ or ready to take the leap, you will find invaluable information and knowledge in these videos.

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How do I find the perfect property?

With over 25 years of experience, our connections in the industry are unmatched.  We list some of the best pet care properties in the country, and can also help you purchase a business listed by another broker.

Our assistance goes far beyond simply showing you photos of properties and providing high-level information. We assess the financial strengths and weaknesses of a business and talk with you about how they align with your priorities.  All of our listings are analyzed from a financing perspective and most of them qualify for SBA financing.

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Don't be THAT Buyer.

Please download our extensive e-book packed with information on how to purchase a pet care facility! The e-book will answer most of your initial questions, prepare you for the process and give insights into how to work with a professional brokerage.
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What can I expect from National Kennel Sales & Appraisals?

As a brokerage with a passion for the pet care industry, we are deeply committed to ensuring that every transaction produces a “win-win” for all parties — not to mention the pets who will be affected by the change in ownership! Throughout the years we have learned that the match between the buyer and business they desire is of vital importance; it has to be a financial and cultural fit for the transaction to be successful.

We maintain confidentiality throughout the process and never charge a fee for our services to a buyer (when purchasing one of our listings). Once you have acquired your business, we help you assume control of it so you can get up and running quickly and efficiently.

We bring tremendous value to the buying process due to our expertise in obtaining financing and our relationships with lenders. We often hear how buyers have assumptions that financing is somehow not available for these transactions and that is simply not true; the match between the business and buyer is important as is how the deal is presented to which lender.

You can expect transparency, fair and honest dealing and a tremendous amount of industry knowledge from our entire team.

If you’re ready to turn your dream into reality, contact us today at 877.690.3647 or info@nationalkennelsales.com.