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Starting A Dog Boarding Business

Starting a dog boarding business is admittedly not for everyone. But for those who have a passion for dogs, this industry can be very rewarding. The rewards of starting a dog boarding business extend beyond monetary gain; there is a certain fulfillment in doing what you love and enhancing that relationship with man's best friend.  It is for this reason that the first ingredient to a successful dog boarding business is having passion for the industry . There must also be a commitment to providing excellent care for the dogs that have been entrusted to you. Knowing the needs of each dog, such as its temperament and medical needs, and providing a safe environment are key.  Besides being an excellent caregiver, customer service skills are vital, after all, it’s the other end of the leash that writes the check! 

As with starting any other business, when you are thinking of starting a dog boarding business, it is important to consider several factors. Is there a need for dog boarding in your desired area? What location would be best for the facility? What kind of additional services should the facility provide? What are the zoning and licensing requirements?  Market research and feasibility studies are great tools to assess these factors.

Before you spend endless hours on feasibility studies, talk to a lender.  Financing for start-ups has all but dried up, so investigate whether you can receive financing for your dream kennel.  If obtaining financing is not an option, consider buying an existing kennel.  Financing is easier and you would be buying into an existing market share and making money from Day One versus waiting for a couple of years for a paycheck to materialize.

If you have considered your options and have a passion for pet care, starting a dog boarding business might just be the fulfilling career for you. We at National Kennel Sales & Appraisals can help you get started in the industry whether it’s by purchasing an existing dogt boarding facility or starting your own. We have 2 decades of industry experience and love to share it.  Give us a call today at 1–877-690-DOGS (3647) and learn more about starting or buying a dog boarding business!

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